Oh my love!

The thought of getting to you

makes me come alive.

But I hear of the waylaying marauders

on the road that leads to you,

Tell me; is it safe to come now?

Years ago As our time elapsed,

We headed out Plying that same dreaded bye pass

With our degree in hands Gleefully,

we strode into the market place of life

Made conquest in every sense

But I recall you were the nest where I was readied for life,

Longing to see the human fountains that watered us

Yes, we drank our fill from them all

I even hear how unjustly the government treats them now

Unfair wages, working conditions and all Is it true?

Tell me, does these places still exist?





Socket works

Mama Warri

Sports Complex



and LAW,

I hear you are more beautiful than 15 years ago my love.

Not even pictures of you on the internet can suffice.

I want to behold your beauty.

Echoes of names;

Mr. Emma Eregare

Mr. Aluede Madam Iyeh,

Nights of being formed in rehearsals,

Days of being chiselled in classes…

Endless memories,

Play Play theatre,



Total Theatre…

Oh my love!

Though I yearn to journey to see you

But there’s a painful gulf in between I am wary of the waylaying marauders on the road to you.

-Joseph Onyeanu ( An alumnus laments on how thoughts of the bandits on the highway hampers a visit to his alma mata).


Other way round

What if we just think the other way round and call ”a spade a spade”. This same sex thing, innit wrong? If it’s cool, then can it bring forth procreation? you see! even nature spells it W.R.O.N.G. Just Maybe, just maybe if we see it the other way round, then we could help some people construe their minds to the nature’s way. OPPOSITE SEX MARRIAGE.